Any building requires regular maintenance to protect it from damage caused by water, roof waterproofing is an effective preventive measure.

Moisture and the ingress of water in the walls, rafts and slabs, find a definitive solution by the
application of a waterproof polyurethane resin casing. This process can be applied in various
fields such as:

  • Elevator pits
  • Tank rooms
  • Underground PC shelters
  • Damp basements
  • Terraces, balconies
  • Roof terrace

We carry out several types of waterproofing:

  • Monolayer PVC: Waterproofing in a single layer.
  • Bi-layer bitumen: Waterproofing in 2 crossed layers of bitumen.
  • Resin injection

Resin injection is a process used for:
• The treatment of cracks in reinforced concrete elements (with or without inflows of water) by
injection of resin under pressure.
• Injection of concrete or masonry elements for consolidation or reinforcement.