Special Works


• Diamond disc sawing
• Noise-free and dust-free demolition with a remote-controlled Brock robot
• Drilling from 10mm to 1200mm in diameter
• Hydro-demolition up to 3100 bars, Eagle type machine
• Drilling and blasting
• Drilling

To carry out quality drilling in complete safety, we offer:

  • The use of a scanner to detect reinforcement and to avoid pipes
  • Diamond core drilling

This low-pressure stripping process, without any chemicals, allows, while protecting the environment:

  • To clean (stones, graffiti, facing bricks, tiles, wood, concrete, prefabs, tiles, glass, etc.)
  • Remove layers of varnish or paint (stones, concrete, structured concrete, steel, aluminum, etc.)
  • Remove corrosion and polish
  • This process is especially recommended for substrates composed of different materials and / or fragile or sensitive substrates.

Slab reinforcement
To restore or increase the overload on reinforced concrete slabs, solid or ribbed:

  • Slabs having suffered damage (carbonation, water infiltration, thermal shock, etc.)
  • Installation on slabs in good condition of elements exceeding the admissible overloads

We propose :

  • The feasibility study by a civil engineer
  • All necessary preparations of the lower part of the slab by planing or bush hammering
  • Supply and installation, by gluing, of carbon fiber slats