Shot blasting
Shot blasting of floors is done before the application of coatings. It allows:

  • An increase in surface roughness for optimal adhesion of coatings
  • Remove floor paints
  • Sanitize degraded or dirty surfaces
  • Planing

Thanks to our specific machines, we offer:

  • Eliminate false levels
  • To bring back flat surfaces (0.3mm to 15mm) on different types of coatings such as pavements, industrial floors, synthetic resins, sports floors and concrete.
  • Soil resin

We offer a wide variety of soils with various properties:

  • Resin (seamless floor)
  • Anti-dust floor paint
  • Resin baseboards, food
  • Chemical protection floors
  • Fast-hardening floors
  • Self-leveling floors

Is a crucial part of the construction process as it provides a
strong working platform.